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Gerard Tempest

The Origins and Nature of Abstract Spiritualism

In the 1950s when New York was popularizing the new movement, Abstract Expressionism, I introduced in a one-man show at the Schneider Gallery in Rome: Abstract Spiritualism.

In search of spiritual essence in objects and life, I was inspired by the scientific discoveries of energy forces around the atom nucleus. From this, my paintings took on heavy impasto circular strokes in counteracting movements.

As I developed, I became more aware that matter, and not spirit, was dominating my canvases. However, by removing the circles of pigment and connecting two circles, I found that the space between these circles (void of matter and pigment), was the space or energy field I was in search of.

I contemplated the space and a ribbon appeared which in itself pulsated and undulated projecting light as the crest of the ribbon was highlighted.

The ribbon became my symbol, and was suggestive of infinite movement and light in space. The crest emits light from within because there is no external light to rest on it.

All this has the power, energy, and light of the spirit.

For this reason, there is no pigment on the canvas, only pure color.

My art concerns itself with LIGHT energy, infinity, and therefore, hope.

All the ingredients for joy—happiness and purity—all these elements are lacking in today’s complex, confused, valueless society (culture of the self).

Abstract Spiritualism is a universal expression for spiritual experience through order, harmony, and the like with an energetic force of light to satisfy all aspirations of essence to life and matter.

Gerard Tempest

Summer 1991
New York, New York

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